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100% Shot with a GoPro Hero 2

Crazy Shipwreck Kite Jump

This is the craziest stunt i have witnesses.Shot 100% with a GoPro Hero and Canon D5 from the beach This act of trying to jump off a ship wreck with a kite and board took balls of steel, while eating lunch!Shot in Cape Town infront of the Seli Shipwreck on a South West wind.
– GoPro HD Hero2 (720p @50fps)
– GoPro Head Mount

No Limits with your GoPro

FinalEdit Short Movie Productions  is an editing suite for GoPro South Africa specializing in GoPro video filming and editing.

There is is just no limit to this camera, this video was all shot in Cape Town, South Africa just showing all the possibilities with a GoPro Hero Camera, showcasing Kitesurfing, SUP, Paramotor Gliding, Driving Chapmans Peak, Ratanga Junction Cobra and Mountain biking with a GoPro.
Camera Equipment used:
-Shot 100% GoPro HD Hero2 (720p @50fps)
– GoPro Surfboard mount
– GoPro Helmet Mount
– GoPro Chesty
– GoPro Handlebar,and roll bar mounts)
– Custom built Monopole
Editing Software
– FinalCut Pro X
Customized loop using music by Full_astronaut (

No Limits from FinalEdit on Vimeo.

Langebaan Skateboard Session

This FinalEdit short movie production was created specifically for skateborders wanting to film with a Gopro


We found this perfect stretch of endless smooth tar road up the west coast with not a car insight. Shot 100% with a Gopro Hero using various GoPro attachments, we got some really good angles. The video shot under the skateboard is a very risky shot as the casing is to big to fit under the board. We fitted the open camera underneath with no casing( This of course is done at your own risk).
We made use of the extended monopod, which is one of my favourite accessories when filming  with a GoPro.It gives you some great angles where a normal camera would never go and is super stable if correctly weighted.

Skater board rider: Justin Groombridge
Filming & Editing by, South Africa
Edited in Finalcut X

Flying Dutchman


From FinalEdit Productions comes this short kitesurfing movie shot in Cape Town about an army colonels quest in search of the legendary “Flying Dutchman” with assistance from three of South Africa’s top ranked kite surfers as well as support from the Huey army helicopter. This short story has some interesting scenes and makes it truly South African with its slapstick humour.

Most of this film was shot with a GoPro Hero and Sony HDV cam.


Egg Timer Time Lapse

For under R80 you can make a time lapse panning unit for your GoPro Hero camera.
you will need a

  • Salter kitchen egg timer from @Home or Clicks
  • 1/4″ thread bolt from the Hardware store
  • Monopod Adapter
  • GoPro Camera
  1. Ensure the bolt is cut to a suitable length that can easily self screw into the  hold you drill on the egg timer hand dial.
  2. Fix the bolt securely into the drilled hole you have made on the dial of the egg timer.
  3. Screw the monopod adapter onto the protruding bolt and make sure it is tight.
  4. Fix your GoPro Camera in position.
    **Watch the video below for detail instructions**

There are various ways to shoot this timelapse, either from a tripod so you can level the timer using the tripod mount and adjusting the GoPro fitting to get the desired angle.
Turn the dial to the desired time within 60min timeframe and set the GoPro Hero 2 on to video, Wide 720p @ 50 fps and press record and wait.

To do the time lapse you will need a either movie editing software  and speed it up with your editing program.I personnaly use Finalcut Pro or iMovie on my Hacintosh or Mac.

Here is a sample video of the effect it produces.