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100% Shot with a GoPro Hero 2

How not to break your Case Clip

This FinalEdit short movie production was created specifically to show GoPro users how to close the camera casing on their GoPro camera.
Its important to remember that the casing clip is quite strong ,but if too much stress is applied on the clip when trying to close the casing clip it may break.
A great tip to avoid breaking the casing clip


I always make sure my silicone gasket on the flap is clean from any grit; then closing the flap I get my thumbs firmly against the front part of the casing (as if i was eating a hamburger),pressing firmly with my other fingers wrapped around the back and then using two fingers to press the flap forward , it takes only a small amount of pressure on the latch to close it.(watch the video for more guidance)


The Flying Dutchman

This short kitesurfing movie shot in Cape Town is about an army colonels quest in search of the legendary “Flying Dutchman” with assistance from three of South Africa’s top ranked kite surfers as well as support from the Huey army helicopter. This short story has some interesting scenes and makes it truly South African with its slapstick humour.

Produced and edited by FinalEdit with mostly a GoPro Hero