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BMW M6 Convertable 2012

FinalEdit reviewed the all new BMW M6, which we found insanle fast.With a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 as the M5 which means 552bhp and more than 500lb ft of torques. It’ll also hit 62mph in 4.3 seconds and would probably nudge 200mph if it wasn’t limited to the usual 155mph. Epically quick.
Shot 100% with a GoPro Hero using GoPro Wireless Kit, suction cups and steady-cam only.

BMW M6 coupe 2012 from FinalEdit on Vimeo.

Live Out Loud 2012

This FinalEdit short movie production was created specifically for GoPro South Africa Live Out Loud 2012 Event held in Kayalami.
Live Out Loud 2012 shot 100% GoPro Hero 2 The concept behind the day is less about show and shine and more about racing to the finish line. Luckily the thrill of racing LIVEOUTLOUD style was not limited to the Kyalami racetrack tarmac. The battle for first place came under contention as the Lamborghini Superleggera’s fighting spirit proved too little when up against a 130 B4 Euro Helicopter, with the airborne speedster ultimately taking the chequered flag. For guests who weren’t racing around the track other forms of entertainment included bikers doing daring jump tricks, drifting and prize giveaways. Royalty Free Music by: Full Astronaut

Live Out Loud 2012 Kyalami from FinalEdit on Vimeo.