GoPro just revealed its new flagship action camcorder, the Hero3. First things first, the Hero3 is tiny, particularly when considering that it shoots 4K video (albeit at a paltry 12fps), a resolution usually reserved for much larger, cinematic cameras. Having handled its competition recently — the Action Cam from Sony and the Contour+2 — we can say that the Hero3 feels smaller and lighter than both of them. It’s about the size of a couple of matchboxes stacked together and is quite lightweight, yet still feels sturdy. The textured plastic exterior is finger friendly, and the big round power / mode and record buttons give a reassuring snick with every press. The WiFi remote that comes with the Hero3 Black Edition is similarly solid in its construction, though we wish it had the same textured skin as the camera instead of its smooth exterior.

The new Hero3 is available in 3 different versions:
White Edition:
1080p30/960p30/720p60 fps
5MP / 3 fps Burst
Wi-Fi Built-In
Wi-Fi Remote + App Compatible
Silver Edition:
1080p30/960p48/720p60 fps
11MP / 10 fps Burst
Wi-Fi Built-In
Wi-Fi Remote + App Compatible
Black Edition:
4kp 12 fps, 2.7kp 30 fps
1440p48/1080p60/720p120 fps
12MP / 30 fps Burst
Wi-Fi Built-In
Wi-Fi Remote Included
GoPro App Compatible
Pro Low-Light Performance