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Lesotho Sky 2012 – Stage 6

Stage 6 Malealea – Roma. The final stage of the race, saw riders tired and exhausted, adding to it was the bad weather. Which started off overcast and later turned into a notorious Lesotho Thunderstorm, with Lightning and thunder, forcing riders to take shelter in Local huts. Certainly a day to remember, that’s of course if you didn’t consume to much beer.

Stage 6 Malealea – Roma from Lesotho Sky on Vimeo.

Lesotho Sky 2012 – Stage 5

Just when you think it cant get better, Day 5 left us breathless with the most amazing sunrise and sunset. Riders seemed to be having no difficulty enjoying the scenery even though single track conditions were challenging.
Stage 5: Ramabanta – Malealea
Music by : Roland Albertson – White Wednesday
Camera and Edit
Vaughan Harris
Filmed in part on the HD HERO2 by GoPro, available in South Africa from omnico.co.za
Canon 5D and Sony 500CX

Camera and Aerial Videography:

LesothoSky – Stage 5 from Lesotho Sky on Vimeo.