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Langebaan Skateboard Session

This FinalEdit short movie production was created specifically for skateborders wanting to film with a Gopro


We found this perfect stretch of endless smooth tar road up the west coast with not a car insight. Shot 100% with a Gopro Hero using various GoPro attachments, we got some really good angles. The video shot under the skateboard is a very risky shot as the casing is to big to fit under the board. We fitted the open camera underneath with no casing( This of course is done at your own risk).
We made use of the extended monopod, which is one of my favourite accessories when filmingĀ  with a GoPro.It gives you some great angles where a normal camera would never go and is super stable if correctly weighted.

Skater board rider: Justin Groombridge
Filming & Editing by FinalEdit.co.za, South Africa
Edited in Finalcut X